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Maintenance Service

DR FRidge and Air Conditioning Ltd is one of the UKs fastest growing service providers for air conditioning and refrigeration.  We can provide a full range of maintenance services for both DR FRidge and Air Conditioning Ltd installed equipment and any systems that we did not originally install.

Our specialist maintenance team are on hand 24 hours a day, all year round and we can provide you with

  • Access to one of the largest and best-trained teams of engineers in the UK
  • Fast response
  • Reduced downtime for your business
  • Increased energy efficiency directly boosting your bottom line

Since July 4th, 2007, the new F-gas legislation has made it imperative to have your equipment regularly checked for leaks and adequately maintained by a qualified supplier. The legislation also demands that you clearly identify and label relevant equipment and keep comprehensive records of usage.

DR FRidge and Air Conditioning Ltd will cover all of these regulatory obligations as we are fully F-Gas trained and compliant.

If you would like advice on F-gas Regulation compliance, please complete our contact form .


  1. PM will save you money

Top of the list, PM will undoubtedly save any business or building manager money in the long term. Regular maintenance will identify issues early before they become a major issue. The simple replacement of wearing parts will help prolong the life of your system and give you trouble free running and peace of mind.

  1. 2. Improvements in system efficiency

Like a car, mechanical parts require regular checks.
A PM engineer will look at all components, lubricants, lters, belts and electrical parts for signs of deterioration and wear. Electrical, mechanical and load testing will be carried out to ensure that the entire system runs optimally and ef ciently.

  1. Safety

A poorly maintained system will always run the risk

of developing a fault and as with any high power electrically powered system, there is always the risk of overheating, leaking, fumes or in the worst case scenario, a re. A regular PM plan will ensure that people and buildings remain safe and that you remain within the law.

  1. Health

Poorly maintained systems can be the cause of many health complaints including asthma, skin allergies and general ill-health, which can cost companies thousands of pounds each year. Optimal running systems along with clean ducts and lters will ensure that circulated air is clean, which in turn will improve the environment and health of building occupants.

Further, in 2012 a new Government Directive was introduced namely ‘Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations (England and Wales). The Directive states that all air conditioning systems that have, or will have an effective rated output of more than 12kw must be regularly inspected by a TM44 energy assessor and the inspections must be no more than ve years apart


  1. Warranty cover

Most new equipment today will come with a standard or extended warranty. However many warranties are only valid if regular maintenance has been carried out. In addition many parts are covered under warranty

so if you have a major breakdown and you have not regularly maintained your system, you could be looking at a hefty bill along with a lot of inconvenience.

  1. Integrated systems

With many systems today integrated into larger building services and equipment, there is an even greater risk that a system breakdown will affect these services too. A breakdown can cause major disruptions to business operations making PM even more worthwhile.

  1. Records

As the person responsible for your system it is important that system records are kept up to date of all maintenance, repairs, parts and service. You may also nd that your insurance policies could be affected if you do not have records of ongoing maintenance, which could invalidate future claims.

  1. Emergencies and breakdowns

Poorly maintained systems are a common cause for system breakdowns and without maintenance cover, call-outs can be expensive. Our maintenance customers are prioritised for breakdowns and even if we didn’t install your equipment, we can, in most cases, transfer the equipment warranty to us, keeping you and your equipment fully covered.

  1. Value for money

Knowing that your systems are safe and running optimally will give you a great deal of comfort. On top of that our PM team will know your system inside out and will be able to offer you discounts and reduced rates for long-term PM plans. In addition, should you ever need to upgrade or extend your system, our team will be best placed to fully understand your needs and offer you the most ef cient and cost effective